Talay Trailers has acquired Newrent Inc., a provider of trailer equipment rental services and custom fabrication capabilities. The acquisition will significantly enhance Talay’s transportation and logistics offerings and enable the company to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services to meet their diverse needs.

With the addition of trailer equipment rental and in-house fabrication capabilities, Talay Trailers is positioned to be a one-stop-shop for transportation and logistics services.

“We are excited to bring Newrent Inc. into the Talay family,” said Sam Joel, a representative of Talay Trailers. “This acquisition is a critical step in our growth strategy and will allow us to provide even better service to our clients.”

As Talay Trailers works to integrate Newrent Inc., clients can expect even greater convenience and efficiency in their transportation and logistics needs. The acquisition of Newrent Inc. gives Talay a unique advantage in the industry, providing its clients with custom solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Going forward, Talay Trailers’ acquisition of Newrent Inc. will give the company an edge in the industry, enabling it to deliver exceptional transportation and logistics services to its clients.

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